with Prageet and Julieanne


thursday 5th OCTOBER 2017

 20.30 - 22.30 (check-in start at 19.30)

LogoSG"an evening with the Stargate"

An  evening  with  the  Stargate  is  an  evening  experiencing  other  dimensional realities.  The  Stargate  structure  is  an  inter­ dimensional  doorway,  created  from Sacred  Geometry.  It  holds  a  consciousness,  which,  when  activated,  creates  a very  strong  energy  field  in  the  room. With  the  group  intention,  the  Stargate  starts  to  accelerate  its  vibrational  rate  and starts  to  emanate  frequencies  from  higher  dimensions.  This  supports  those present  in  raising  their  own  energetic  frequency,  or  vibration,  effortlessly.  In  this higher  frequency  they  are  far  more  sensitive  to  other  dimensional  beings,  who bring  their  presence  into  the  room  to  greet  and  acknowledge  those  present. The  multi­ dimensional  energies  that  radiate  from  the  Stargate  touch  each  person at  a  very  deep  level,  very  often  creating  change  in  their  lives.    Many  people  have reported  experiencing:

~ Healing  and  balance  of  their  physical  body

~ Clarity  of  understanding  and  major  insight  for  the  mental  body;            

~ Deep  relaxation  and  stress  removal  for  the  feeling  (emotional)  body

~ Personal  karma  and  unresolved  issues  being  dissolved 

~ Healing  abilities  being  activated

~ Recalling  past  life  experiences

~ Spontaneous  activation  of  inner  vision  and  psychic  abilities

The  structure  of  the  evening  consists  of  short  meditation  experiences  with background  music,  guided  by  Alcazar  channeled  through  Prageet  and  Julieanne.The  beauty  about  the  Stargate  process  is  there  is  nothing  to  do!  Simply  relaxing and  noticing  the  sensations  that  the  energetic  environment  create  in  your  body and  in  your  energy  field.  The  most  common  experience  after  a  Stargate  evening is  a  feeling  of  joy,  transformation,  and  a  very  tangible  raising  of  your  own vibration.

You  are  invited  to  bring  more  joy  and  more  celebration  into  your  life.

Visit  to  experience  free  Stargate  energy meditations,  Alcazar’s  channeled  words,  and  more  information  about  the Stargate  work  around  the  world.




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from friday 6th to monday 9th october 2017


ore 10.00 - 17.30 (chek-in start at 9.00) 


bi1Discover a simple and easy way to uplift and transform your life!  

"Beloved Ones we greet thee, ‘tis Alcazar,

The Inner Child work through The Stargate Experience is very different from Inner Child techniques that have preceded it over the many years in the New Age therapy arena. 

We have waited to work in this way for many years until there were sufficient of you able to hold an energetic field - a connection to that which we call the Quantum field. 

That was acheived a few years ago.  Since then we have been sharing this Stargate Inner Child work.  It functions in a way that seems similar but is actually very different.

By creating a Quantum Field it is possible for you the Adult to talk to you the Child, but being in the same space…

The power of this connection in the same space with your Inner Child can move very rapidly the limitations that the child has created, which are now affecting your Adult life.  These limitations can be moved, understood, dissolved within moments, which can then change your life experience as an Adult.



This is one of the most powerful techniques available right now for rapid transformation.


Each and every one of you without exception has limitations which are functioning in your unconscious, limiting your daily experience.  This workshop is to assist you in noticing these limitations, accessing the child when the limitation was created, dissolving the limitation and feeling the change within a few moments of it happening.  And this change can be permanent in your life.

Celebration, appreciation, and the new you.  We invite you to join us. 



 "Your Inner Child can live in bliss and divine love.  Your Inner Child is your doorway to connect beyond the veil to all that is available from there.  All that is necessary is to clear away the old, unconscious patterning that your Inner Child developed to protect itself.  It is easy and simple." 



Simple, highly transformative techniques to connect with your Inner Child, release trauma and undesired patterning, and reclaim your natural beauty and connectedness

Specific, personalized guidance to assist you to move through your limitations with ease  

Stargate meditation experiences that will move you into a Quantum space where you can more easily dissolve trauma from the past


Some of the topics covered:


bi3Freeing Your Inner Child 

"Your Inner Child needs your love, your understanding. Your Inner Child needs you to explain why there is no need anymore to protect itself and to protect you. With your love and your understanding shared, the old limitations will simply dissolve from your life. You will connect and merge with your Inner Child and all that he or she holds in your beingness."




From Victim to Creator!

"So many of you have developed ways of hiding your loneliness and your pain. You have created - in your early years - a mechanism where you felt you needed to be submissive. And as you created that submissive pattern, you draw to yourself those who oppress you: at home, in your work situation. You are constantly creating situations that it seems as if others are doing to you. Yes, on the surface they ARE doing those things to you. Understand, though, it is your vibration, your energetic field that magnetizes those situations to you. With understanding they can dissolve. Move away from being a victim. Move into being a creator." 




Unworthiness is an Illusion!

"Many of you carry within you a sense of not being good enough.  Of unworthiness.  Again a simple understanding can free you...  It is so easy to know the power of your own creation by connecting back with the wonder of who you are.  Invite your Inner Child - allow your Inner Child to demonstrate to you what a powerful being you are.  Join forces and be free."




bi4Letting Go of Lack

"Existence is abundant... Abundance is your birth-right.  

Abundance has to do with quality of life. How much love do you have? What joy and celebration dances you throughout the day? You are not unworthy. Existence wants you to be abundant. You can bring back this understanding to your inner child, and together you can live true wealth, true abundance. Deep love for all that is."





"The moment your consciousness connected into the body you moved from an environment or indescribable love into the harshness of this third dimensional reality. It is always a shock.

Some of you came into situations that led you to believe that you were not loved...  And when that belief sets in that is an underlying unconscious patterning that creates for you in your adult life situation after situation where you prove to yourself you are unlovable or undeserving - you cannot have the love that you would like. Why? Because your vibration - your frequency - continues to magnify to you that you are unlovable. As with all of the situations we have talked about it is simple and easy to change. When you are ready, love awaits." 




bi5Dissolving Sexual Abuse with Understanding

"So many who have suffered from sexual abuse feel it is their fault.

Understand yet again that to connect with this Inner Child - to love him or her - to explain what has occurred - to listen to the Inner Child tell you, and to explain to them from your greater understanding how it was not their fault, and that now they can be free. In doing so, you free your own sexual energy. You start to love yourself - you start to love your body, and your body will respond.  Be free - love self."




Irritation, Frustration and Anger

"The root cause of anger is the illusion that you are powerless...  That you cannot create or effect the changes that you would like to have in your life.  

Whenever you feel angry, ask yourself, “What am I avoiding with my anger?  What am I not seeing that is making me blame another or a situation for my frustration and my anger? Acknowledge it to yourself then talk to the little child. It is time to be free."




Beauty and Connectedness

"We are here to assist you to celebrate the vastness of who you are - your inner beauty. To assist you to know the Oneness that is within you and around you. We are here to assist you in dissolving the beliefs that separate you from the vastness of who you are.

This Inner Child work in a Quantum reality can move you very rapidly into the celebration that we feel when we connect to you. We are celebrating your rapid movement into self-discovery. Start celebrating with us - do not wait ‘till you reach the goal-post - start celebrating now!"



This 4-day intensive work implies a real involvement of the participant and the willingness to speak out and express what is going on inside during various stages of the experience.


It's not so theoretical and academic experience where you can stay as observers but be prepared for a real change and work on yourself and inner aspects interacting directly with Alcazar when needed.


Participate in this proposal therefore implies a commitment to yourself to make a difference and bring your life to a new level of well-being. It 's time to leave behind the old limitations, fears and schemes that are still hindering.



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5th evening: ________________60 EURO


Inner Child Intensive from 6th to 9th october:

cost______540 EURO


all the program (from 5th to 9th october) 

cost______570 EURO


price for facilitators (lvl2)_____________discount 50%

facilitator needs to contact Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo. 






during the registration please select the option deposit (in payment type)




Grand Hotel del Parco





photos, how reserve your room, 

cost, menù, sharing


Grand Hotel del Parco

via Galeno, 8 - 24040 Stezzano - Bergamo (IT)

Contact Hotel: tel: +39 035/591710   email: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.




Costs (you need add also 3 euros per person per night for city tax)

single B&B ______________ 55,00 euro

single with lunch __________81,00 euro

single lunch+dinner __________107,00 euro

double single use B&B _________60,00 euro

double single use with lunch ____ 86,00 euro

double single use lunch+dinner  ____112,00 euro

double  B&B ____________70,00 euros (35,00 per person)

double  with lunch______ 122,00 euros (61,00 per person)

double  lunch+dinner_______ 174,00 euro (87,00 per person)

lunch (no room)_________ 26,00 each one



for the room: contact the reception

meal for who is in the hotel: with the reservation it's needed the indication of B&B, half or full board 

rooms available: 40 (in case of sold out of rooms there is a near hotel that will be connected with shuttle)

lunch for who has room in other hotel: during the subscription there is a dedicated part of the form

lunch for who has not the roomduring the subscription there is a dedicated part of the form

Contact Hotel: tel: +39 035/591710   email: Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.


Vegan food, the exact menù will be comunicated in days. If you have specific requests please write in the comments field during the subscription or sending a mail to Questo indirizzo email è protetto dagli spambots. È necessario abilitare JavaScript per vederlo.  


How reach the Grand Hotel

for GPS: Via Comun Nuovo, 13 - 24040 Stezzano
or: Lat:45.64305, Lon:9.65661


Motorway A4 Exit Dalmine
Keep left at the fork
At the roundabout, take the 4th exit into the SS470dir ramp
At the roundabout, take the 2nd exit, next roundabout take the 1st exit, next roundabout take the 3rd exit into Via Comun Nuovo.


BGY Orio al Serio Airport: 5 Km
Bergamo railwaystation: 6 Km 

BUS, taxi and SHUTTLEricercaorari

city BUS

8,5 km, 36 minutes from Bergamo station to Hotel 


in the website

from: Stazione,Bergamo

to: STEZZANO EST via Comunuovo parco



from station to STAZIONE AUTOLINEE via Bono (in front of station)
 2 min
8bus to Ponte S.Pietro Clinica (8A)     08:21–08:23 (2 min, 1 stop)
PORTA NUOVA via Tiraboschi 15
walk to PORTA NUOVA via Tiraboschi 15
1 min
PORTA NUOVA via Tiraboschi 15
6bus to Stezzano Est (6C)    08:27–08:52 (25 min, 24 fermate)
STEZZANO EST via Comunuovo parco
walk to Via Comun Nuovo, 19, 24040 Stezzano BG, Italia
3 min
Via Comun Nuovo, 19, 24040 Stezzano BG, Italia


group can ask for shuttle during the reservation.


in front of station there are many taxi, look for the dedicated area






Sharing rooms and travelling

look in the FB group and write your request/offer